You can count on JMPU to provide a full selection of tailored property preservation services, including:


Home occupancy checks: to ensure vacancy before entering

Materials removal: Includes interior / exterior of residential units, appliances, carpet, furniture, debris and miscellaneous items

Lock re-keying: re-securing all access points to the property,including patio doors Boarding windows: including broken glass removal prior to boarding

Complete house cleaning: to facilitate resale / showcase of the property

Lawn care: mowing, weeding, watering, fertilization, trim and removal of small shrubs and trees, lawn aeration, sprinkler repair / installation

Pest control: including installation of pigeon and other pest barriers

Professional security surveillance: daily or weekly patrolling supported by multipoint checklists, narrative reports and / or photo documentation

Winterization of property: Drain water heater; pressurize lines with air compressor; shut-off valves / drain plumbing etc.

Evictions – Work with the sheriff’s department to make sure eviction goes as scheduled. Provide cleanup/debris removal services once eviction completed.